Friday, 8 April 2011

10 easy steps to get fired!

  • Tell your boss that you have Swine Flu and the Virus spreads through LAN!

  • Whisper sheepishly into ur boss’ ears “I’ve got two tickets for a movie”.

  • Ask him to outsource the project from a bunch of college kids for Rs. 10000.

  • Tell him about the adventures you had in the previous company by escaping with confidential documents.

  • Shout out loudly in the office “No! My PL doesn’t watch porn!”

  • Tell him how comfortable your Cotton undies are!

  • Ask him if he needs assistance in wearing supporter at the office Gym!

  • Tell him the story about how you shot your professor mercilessly because he wont give you good grades!

  • Drop in at the Boss’ house to tell his Wife/Daughter how superbly he handles his female resources at work!

  • Post a snap of your Boss’ salary slip on Facebook and tag your Boss! Don’t forget to add this caption: “My Ambition in Life!”