Saturday, 18 May 2013

The dead batteries...

          Ok so its been two and a half years since I have started working and I am not having a gala time as I thought I would've a couple of years back when I got selected in a premier Indian IT company. The ride has not been exactly comforting nor has it been inspirational nor hast it been of the kinds that will make you look forward and dream about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most people know me as a person who is always jolly in life and never misses out on living life. Well to an extent that is true but recent times have been troubling and at times they have drained me emotionally. Situation started worsening until an incident showed me where things were going haywire...

         Being a gadget enthusiast means that I always need to have my phone around me. Staying connected is the way for me. Whatsapp, G+, Facebook, Twitter etc are my weapons of choice. The great Cell phone revolutionized communication sector in India and my life wasn't untouched by it. My phone to me is like what the Sun is to Superman. A year back I had asked one of my friends in the states to get me an Android phone. It was a big thing for me. I had heard a lot about Android but never experienced it. Android phones, a year back, had this infamous notoriety of running out of juice. Because of this fact I always carried a charger with me. As soon as the charge of my phone went down to 60% I used to again charge it up to 100% although had I let it be without charging It would've lasted atleast for another 12 hours. But I didn't care. I couldn't bear the possibility of my batteries emptying and me bearing the world without my sidekick. I kept doing this for a year. Gradually the phone started to discharge quicker than earlier. At times it would reach 60% within 3 hours. But I did not stop the maverick charging. This kept going on until 3 weeks back I attached my phone to charge with my office PC. I noticed the back heating up. I opened the back cover of the phone and popped out the batteries. The batteries were puffed up. I tried to cool it down by leaving it in the open for a while but It didn't help. The battery were damaged beyond repair. The battery was dead!

        So, what went wrong? Whose fault was it? Was it the Cell phone manufacturers fault? Or was it a battery problem? Or was it the charger? The actual problem was with me.. All the while I was worried about the battery dying soon which was a probability but not a surety and kept preparing it for the future although things weren't that bad. But I kept pushing the batteries until they gave up.

        If you think about it, aren't we doing the same with our lives? In today's fast paced life we are more concerned about what will happen in the future. We crib about not seeing a bright future for ourselves. We slog our ass off to thrive for the future but in the process we tend to forget the present. We keep pushing our mind and body to the extreme, be it for competitive exams, appraisals or anything. We keep saving money for the future without noticing the misery of our present. We spend sleepless nights thinking about that elusive onsite opportunity when we are actually missing out on some beautiful dream in our sleep. We try to build contacts with people thinking that they would be helpful in the future but they are nothing more than pawns for us in the present. We neglect our family and friends just for that few extra bucks of appraisals.In this process of worrying about the future we tend to ignore the stress caused by it on our mind, body and soul. It drains us physically and emotionally. Why not stop thinking so much and live in the present. After all the present is a gift. Why not open it and get surprised by what it throws at us. The future is designed to be fallen in its right place. I have realized that worrying too much about what will happen will hamper what is happening. Its time we all realize that we are damaging our own self. Its time we dont let our batteries go dead.

        A cell phone battery can always be replaced but your life cannot!

-Prasad Rao


  1. Amazing metaphor,very and a battery!......Liked the analogy and theme.
    PS: Enlighten the ordinary mortals by publishing posts often:D

  2. Loved the analogy.I agree with Purna.Please continue writing blogs.We are all sailing in the same boat :)