Saturday, 26 February 2011

10 After Effects of ILP!

Firstly lemme explain you what ILP actually is... ILP-Initial Learning Programme is the training provided for the newly recruited people by the company I work for.. We had to stay in Ahmedabad (Seriously, ILP made Ahmedabad AhmedaGOOD!)... There were Friends, moments, oily food, goof ups etc i'll never forget.. Thus it has left a lasting impression on me. The following are the ILP Hangover Effects:

1. You wake up at 8:15 in your house and ur feet start walking towards the bathroom. You then bang the   Bathroom door and shout "Abbe saale Cherry bahar nikal! Hagna hai, sava aanth baj gaye!" (At this point of time your folks are looking suspiciously at u!)

2. You keep on pulling ur imaginary Tie knot upwards even when u are wearing a T shirt!

3. You take a sniff at your socks to check if they're on the verge to be washed!

4. Your Mom shouts at you coz u throw ur clothes on ur kitchen platform!

5. You press Ctrl+Alt+Delete while leave ur home PC!

6. You give ur mom a green coupon when she gives u a plate!

7. You tell ur mom "Arre Bhaiyya thoda aur paneer dalo!"

8. You ask ur mom "Unlimited khana hai kya?"

9. You panic when its 10:30 pm and u are outta ur home!

10:You catch people who come to ur home and make them sing songs!

11:You swipe your smart card on your house door! (I know its 11th!)


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  3. hahahahhahha!!! Oh-some!!! :)

  4. OMG!
    Bloody Awesome! xD