Saturday, 26 February 2011

My first Blog!

Hmmm... Seriously, I cannot explain you why have I started blogging because there may be more reasons than one. Its a pity that now that i have a Blog I dont have a subject! The following may be the reasons why have i forayed into this "new","fascinating" world of blogging!

1. On this day ie.26/02/11 Saturday Afternoon i am too bugged to do anything productive.
2. I work as a coder, hence i type huge lines only when i am coding, hence i wanted to type JLT.
3. My brand new TRIBAND seems to be in a stable condition.
4. This will help me explain and put forth thoughts in a better way.
5. The previous 3 points were just fillers!

There you go... perfect way to waste a dull saturday afternoon! 

1 comment:

  1. im d 1st follower of ur blog..
    n i dont kno WHY im folowing it.
    perhaps i also dnt hav anyting to do on sat aftrnun.